We are an open group for both women and men that provides a combination of grief support, education and social opportunities
  • We allow new members to join at any time or skip meetings if they wish to
  • We offer emotional support through guided conversations
  • We provide information about the grieving process by hosting guest speakers, showing videos or discussing reading materials
  • We facilitate opportunities for members to socialize and do enjoyable activities together as a means of forming friendships that can ease the grief process


  • Assist members in telling their unique stories
  • Help members express their feelings about their loss
  • Allow members to explore how their lives will change after loosing their beloved pet
  • Create a safe place to discuss difficult issues
  • Help members acquire coping skills and enhance self-care


  • Receive encouragement and hope from other group members
  • Realize that you are not alone in your bereavement journey
  • Have the opportunity to share information and resources
  • Become part of a supportive community
  • Have a chance to experience personal growth and development
  • Meet new people that often become good friends