Dignity & Worth:
Each group member has dignity and worth as a human being and as a person who has suffered a loss of their pet. Even when members express divergent beliefs about death and dying, or have very different experiences with loss, we encourage mutual respect and tolerance within the group.
What is shared in our support group is private and should not be divulged to anyone. The only exception to this principle is if a group member expresses intent to harm himself/herself or others.
Social Justice:
Our grief support group exhibits non-discriminatory practices and allow equal access to the group. All members regardless of age, sex, race, origin, sexual preference, etc. must feel welcome. Further, we encourage non-discrimination based on religious and cultural beliefs so relevant to death and dying.
Mutual Responsibility:
The work that occurs in our grief support group is a function of interdependence among group members. Each member is valued as an important contributor. We strive to foster an atmosphere where members believe they each have something to gain from listening to, and understanding the others.
Cultural Sensitivity:
A variety of cultural values, beliefs, and practices may be represented in a our grief support group. This diversity is welcomed; we practice sensitivity and openness to the different cultures represented.
Group members have the potential to take charge of their own bereavement process and guide their own growth and healing. We model respect for each individual to chart his or her own unique path to a new life.
Group members have the right to join or leave our grief support group whenever they choose, and their input on group logistics, format, and topics is encouraged.
Professional Competence:
We take pride in having the required knowledge and skills to lead this grief support group. We also strive to keep up-to-date on current bereavement knowledge and group strategies.